Thursday, July 8, 2010

Portaits of a Home

This is my entryway. I just love it.  This piece was a Salvation Army rescue. We use it as a credenza to drop mail, hold keys, store table linens, house scarves, stash candles, etc.  I got the lamp base and shade at Target (tar-shay boutique, as my mom and I call it). The boxwood topiaries and brown iron bird are from my new favorite place to rummage through and find deals - Tuesday Morning. They have a lot of crap, but also a lot of neat items. They have really cute inexpensive tea towels - oh how I love tea towels.The green birds are from Pier 1. My BFF Laura got them first and then I decided I had to have them too! The photo was a Christmas gift from my Uncle Tom. He is a stellar  photographer.

That is me and my favorite tea. My former professor, Linda Lawson, got me started on this tea. I never knew I liked tea until I tried PG Tips. Just add a little bit of milk and sugar (okay, I add like 2 whole tablespoons of sugar) and it is warm and delightful. And it's caffeinated! Finally, a caffeinated beverage that I enjoy that's not Dr. Pepper. I feel really grown up drinking it. I always want to like coffee, but I never do. Drinking tea and carrying around a travel mug makes me feel like an adult. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I'm such a kid when it comes to drinking - I love root beer and apple juice, but can't manage to swallow coffee or wine. Or beer. Yack! You can find PG Tips in the International section of your local grocer.

Say hello to Callie the Cat. She is so darn cute. This is how she lays on the floor all the time in the spring and summer months. I think she sprawls out like this to enjoy the heat while it lasts. In the fall and winter, she sits with all four legs underneath her chubby belly to keep her warm. But in the hot months, she cuts loose and suns belly up. When you walk past her, she meows, which in cat, translates "stop and scratch my belly."

There is my sugar britches. He is working so diligently to complete all of his summer school assignments before he leaves for Canada tomorrow. This is where Tyler spends most of his time after work and on his days off. The boy loves to study. He's the smartest boy I know. And I am so proud of him for being half way through his Masters. Study your heart away, my sweets. I'll see you when it's dinner time.

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