Friday, November 30, 2012


Woah guys. It's been a long time. At least once a day I think, "man, I really should blog about that." Sometimes I really want to record that hilarious thing Charlotte did or chronicle my DIY project that actually turned out half way decent. I don't care if people are like, "yeah, yeah, Margo, you think your kid is the coolest kid on the planet...we get it...shut up" or if you think I'm a total loser for rambling on and on about which color of gray paint would look best in my kitchen. I miss writing. I like to write, but I find that I put way to much pressure on myself to compose the perfect blog post. Isn't that ridiculous? It's not like this is an English Comp paper that I'm printing off to submit to Jackina (my former English professor and one of my favorite women of all time). There's no deadlines. There's no expectations. I'm just going to write with whatever free time I have between mommying, wifeing, working and the occasional sleeping. So please don't take this as my written commitment to one post a day. Or even one post a week. It's just a post that's saying, "Hey, I'm still here!"

Its been almost exactly a year since I last wrote and my newborn has grown & grown. She is 16 months old! During Charlotte's first year it was really hard to do anything other than care for my sweet babe, keep house, prepare food for us to eat and make sure that I was wearing pants. So instead of kicking myself for not blogging the past year, I'm just going to get over it. There. I've officially blogged. I'm back on the saddle. Or is in "in the saddle?"

(Thank you to my sweet friend Dale Coleman and to my awesome mother-in-law and her hot girlfriends for inspiring me to write. You can check out their blogs "Major in the Grace of God" and "Friendship, Life and Style" in my FRIENDS & FAMILY column to the left.)


Dale Carroll-Coleman said...

Yeah....she's back!! I love you Margo and thanks for the shout out. My blog is just in case anyone cares. Lol ya gotta get all those silly letters and dots.
Keep writing, you will be glad later. :)

Jenn said...

Girlfriend, do I EVER hear ya! Ah, sweet motherhood... ;-)

Welcome back!